Last year S.E.E.4VETS got a late start in promoting TICKETS Fore CHARITY (Charles Schwab Cup Championship), but even so, our efforts resulted in $360. We’re starting early this year with a goal to double the ticket sales. We hopeful our supporters and advocates will spread the word. It’s a terrific opportunity to support S.E.E.4VETS since 100% OF THE NET PROCEEDS from the ticket sales will be donated to our organization.

To purchase tickets for the November 7-11 event, please use online link., or to use the TICKEt Fore CHARITY form.
click here.

Reno, NV. $5,000 check Presentation to Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) Program at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC). It was a privilege and honor for S.E.E.4VETS to fund the VUB program. The fund was set up to provide financial support in the form of scholarships to veterans enrolled and participating in this meaningful and worthwhile program. The scholarships will serve as an “incentive” for enrollees to participate and complete the program. VUB is a pre-college preparatory program, and is design to help eligible veterans improve their academic skills before enrolling at TMCC or other another college, university, or technical school.

In the photo shown above from left to right are: Felipe Gutierrez, Veterans Pre-Admissions Associate, Robert Hernandez. Director, TMCC, VUB Program, Rusty Findley, Vice Chairman of the Board, USAF, Lt. Gen. (Ret.), Dr. Karin Hilgersom, President, TMCC, Ray Torres, Chairman of the Board, and Gretchen Sawyer, Executive Director, TMCC Foundation.

Scottsdale, AZ. Support Education and Employment for Vets (S.E.E.4VETS) Adds 3 New Distinguished Veterans to Board of Directors. Our organization is proud to have three talented people join the elite-team of Board of Directors – Pete Palmer, Brig. Gen. US Army (Ret.), Kevin Hudson, Col. US Marine Corp (Ret.) and Ian Parkinson, Sgt. US Army (Ret). They will add to the leadership already in place. Along with other Board members, they will provide thoughtful guidance and governance to the organization’s direction and growth. For more information see attachment. click here.


Rusty Findley, Vice Chairman of the Board, USAF, Lt.Gen.(Ret.) and Ray Torres, Chairman of the Board, S.E.E.4VETS had the privilege and honor to present a $5,000 check to Dr. Karin Hilgersom, President, Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) to fund the Veterans Upward Bound program (VUB). Please view video below and video produced by TMCC.

S.E.E.4VETS recently filmed student veterans, who took advantage of the S.E.E.4VETS tutoring services. Their testimony concerning the invaluable help they received from the tutors is the central theme of the video. Student veteran, Beno Thomas, who attended GateWay Community College, served 8 years active-duty in the Infantry, and as a Reconnaissance Marine. He fought five combat deployments before separating honorably in 2011. Josh Izaguirre, the other student veteran, served 14 years in the U.S. Navy, and attended Glendale Community College.

The Art Institute of Phoenix produced the video. Special acknowledgement goes to Tayler Mascole, who transformed the testimonies into a powerful video. Please view video below.

S.E.E.4VETS has been supporting veteran students at Glendale Community College (GCC) since fall 2015. Veterans transiting from service to civilian life and entering college are challenged in a number of ways. Because math and other academic skills seldom are used in the service, veterans usually need tutored-structured math and English classes. GCC math department offers MAT 108, which is a tutored-structured math class taken concurrently with a regular math course. This type of course is not GI Bill eligible. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the veteran to pay for the class. With the S.E.E4VETS scholarship, the course is paid. The video is about a student veteran in MAT 108. Please view video below and video produced by Maricopa Colleges TV.