About S.E.E. 4 Vets

We collaborate with Arizona community colleges in shaping and implementing programs that tends to improve student veteran retention, and inspire these veterans to “persist and advance” in their school work. In addition, we provide student veteran-employer business connect venues as a way to promote the unique and specific talents former service members can bring to the workplace.

As we move into an era where the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq recede into the history books, and many of our war-tested veterans transition out of the military and into civilian life, the number taking advantage of the ability to enhance their educational credentials will indeed increase.

Some projections state that 73% of all separating or retiring service members plan to use the benefits the GI Bill affords. Arizona should ready itself for an expected influx of a significant number of veterans who will enroll in our community colleges and major universities using their GI Bill benefits.

In 2011-12, veterans comprised 4 percent of the overall undergraduate population of U.S. colleges and universities. Their numbers are growing however. The estimate is that five million Post-9/11 service members will have left the military by 2020, and scores of them will likely enter higher education using VA educational benefits, such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill. A majority of the veterans will enroll in community colleges and for-profit colleges.

The elite-team of S.E.E.4Vets has travelled the state visiting college chancellors and presidents. While some institutions are addressing the needs of the student veterans well, others are just in the nascent stages of addressing the specific needs of their student veteran populations. With a focus on those institutions with the greatest needs, one of S.E.E4Vets’primary objectives is to provide support and facilitate assistance to these institutions in every facet of their programs to assist their student veteran populations.

For the majority of student veterans and their families completing their education and achieving their academic goals this is just their first step in post-military life.  Securing meaningful and productive employment is also part of the post-military journey for these veterans. Educating employers on unique and specific talents former service members can bring to the workplace, facilitating business internships and mentorships, and encouraging networking between business leaders and student veterans are activities that S.E.E. 4Vets will pursue.