With your generous investment, you will support student veterans, who unlike the majority of their peers have given so much to ensure the freedoms our nation so richly cherishes.


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Support Education and Employment for Vets has been honored with consecutive contributions, totaling $60,000 over several years from The Silverman Family Foundation.

The Silverman Family story…Ray Silverman bought the Paradise Valley Guest Ranch in 1953. It had 12 units, and eventually expanded to 37. However, the ranch was closed in 1978 and the property redeveloped. Several years later, the Silverman’s opened the 211-room Granada Royale Hometel franchise, and became an Embassy Suites franchise in 1984. They added 101 rooms in 1985. In 1990’s, they went independent when the franchise contract expired, changing the name to Chaparral Suites. The historic property, within walking distance of Scottsdale Fashion Square, Old Town and the Scottsdale Waterfront, became an iconic hotel to many San Francisco Giants baseball fans.

Support Education and Employment for Vets has been honored with consecutive contributions, totaling $30,000 over several years from the Mills Family Charitable Fund.

The Mills and Majors story…Hollis A. (Bill) Mills and Chester Majors pooled their resources and started the 2M Company, a water well wholesale supplier in 1978.During their first year, the two experienced salesmen had $1.5 million in total sales. Decades later, the company is position to see sales exceed $200 million within the next five years, predicts H. A. “Buzz” Mills, Bill Mill’s son, who is now the company’s president.

2M Company has 15 locations in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, including four locations in Montana. Western Hydro has 12 locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada and Utah.


Support Education and Employment for Vets has been honored with consecutive contributions, totaling $12,500 over several years from Jim “JD” Jenks.

Jim “JD” Jenks story...he is the Founder and CEO of Global Financial & Leasing Services, headquarter – Scottsdale.  The company has been a leading provider in equipment financing since 2009 by providing small and medium-sized businesses with the financing needed for essential use equipment. Mr. Jenks earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco while completing his military commitment in the US Army and return from Vietnam. While serving in a medical unit (45th Surgical Hospital, MUST) in Vietnam he was awarded the Bronze Star.

HomeFront – Old Glory Presented

December 15, 2021, S.E.E.4VETS recognized loyal and generous Friends of S.E.E.4VETS during the luncheon portion of the 2021 Annual Board Meeting.

Video produced by Sean Green, Bonus Round Media, LLC

Valley based non-profit S.E.E.4VETS (Support Education and Employment for Vets) was pleased to announce it received a $100,000 donation, several years ago, on behalf of well-known actor and veteran William E. Phipps.

Phipps, who is best known for his roles in dozens of classic sci-fi and westerns, both in films and on television and for playing the voice of Prince Charming in Disney’s original Cinderella had previously enlisted in the Navy and served as a radioman aboard six ships between 1942 and 1945. He died this past June at the age of 96.

Those who knew him said Phipps never aspired to movie or TV stardom, instead they say he was happy instead to consider any part offered to him, large or small, he prided himself on his versatility, which is demonstrated by his long and successful career.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of S.E.E.4VETS, Rear Admiral James Symonds says they are extremely proud to be a benefactor of the William E. Phipps trust.

September 11, 2019, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum led the world in commemorating the 18th anniversary of the horrific attacks of on that day. Marking this important anniversary, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum hosted the annual commemoration ceremony to honor the 2,983 men, women and children killed in the attacks at the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon, aboard Flight 93 and in the 1993 WTC bombing.

As the history books reflect on the post 9/11 era, service members and their families will be remembered as American patriots whose sacrifice and dedication to the values of our country will be singled out and revered for a long time. Video produced by Rose+Moser+Allyn PR.

S.E.E.4VETS collaborates with community colleges in shaping and implementing programs that tend to inspire student veterans to “persist and advance” in their school work. Funds we grant these colleges, facilitate and sustain their veteran-centric academic and non-academic support programs, and they are:

Encouraging first-generation, low-income veterans to enroll and complete a Veterans Upward Bound project, then enroll in their local community college.

Establishing, improving or expanding Veteran Service Centers at community college campuses, which allow veteran students to work on assignments, attend study groups, and socialize with others who share the same life experiences in these centers.

Providing student veterans academic success programs designed to improve their academic standing such as veteran-centric tutoring programs.

Offering “access-funds” programs to student veterans in need, to offset part of their financial burden while attending community college.