Portfolio of Programs

Tutoring & Scholarships

The program offers opportunities to veteran students to participate in veteran-centric tutoring in math and English. Remedial-related courses are not GI Bill benefit eligible. Scholarships offer veteran students funds to augment GI Bill benefits and minimize out-of-pocket expenses

Veteran Upward Bound

Scholarships are offered to veterans, once they successfully complete the pre-college preparatory program, and enroll in an institution of higher learning. Program helps eligible veterans improve their academic skills before enrolling in a college, university, or technical school

Technology-oriented programs

The scholarship offering serves as an incentive to attract and retain student veterans in the STEM program of study. The other scholarships offering serves to support veteran students in pursuit of an IT or Cybersecurity certificate

Incidental Funds

Education-related expense programs funds programs, not covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs or the College, which reduces a student veteran’s overall financial burden.

Emergency financial relief program funds programs, which address everyday living expenses such as food, rent, auto repairs, and utilities.


Strategy is to self-fund veteran-centric programs by establishing endowed funds. The funds lives in perpetuity, and for: Earning interest; Garnering community support; Conveying sustainability; Establishing a S.E.E.4VETS legacy.

Veteran Services Centers

S.E.E.4VETS provides partial funding to community colleges to establish a veteran services centers, which tend to foster a climate of success.

Vets-Helping-Vets Program

One program of work is veteran students connecting with employers. The focus is on building student veteran rapport and to discuss the challenges and stigmas veterans face transitioning out of the military to civilian employment. The objective then is to ingrain confidence in them presenting themselves to prospective employers. The dynamics of the program, which are resume construction and interviewing pointers, would satisfy the objective.

Special Events

Thanks to generous donors and committed players, S.E.E.4VETS is on a successful path with its golf tournaments, both west and east valley. Every year we improve our golf tournaments – TPC Scottsdale, The Wigwam, and Ancala Country Club. More importantly, proceeds from these wonderful events fund S.E.E.4VETS programs at community colleges. The 2021 schedule is:

  • Wigwam Resort (Blue Course), Friday, November 12, 2021
  • Ancala Country Club, November 2021

Financial Information

Previous year financial data and information appears on the website as a sub-heading, 2020 Performance. To date, the organization leadership is working on soliciting corporate sponsors and scheduling fundraising events throughout the State of Arizona. In addition, S.E.E.4VETS has e-filed with the IRS submitting Form 990 and related forms.

Reflecting on the recent 12-months experience, S.E.E.4VETS demonstrated our accomplishments as an award winning organization, and one that finished on a high note. Our performance was undeterred by the events of an unprecedented year. In fact, we pivoted and did more… disbursed $119,853 vs. $99,700 planned to the community colleges…a big number and largest ever.

Worth mention are bank deposits of $143,778 and charges of $154,028. Thus, beginning 2021, the calculated bank balance would be $67,875 with $2,500 check yet to be banked. In short, a strong financial footing to the start the new year.

Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ…is offering its student veterans one-on-one tutoring at its six campuses as well as emergency funding assistance. These successful programs have help student veterans in need of math, English and science tutoring as well as funds during challenging financial times. The 6-months funding request was $10,000.


Colorado State University – PuebloCO…operates the federally fund Veteran Upward Bound (VUB) project in the state of Colorado. The institution collaborated with Pikes Peak Community College and Pueblo Community College in offering scholarship to veterans who successfully complete their Veterans Upward Bound program. The one-year funding request was $10,000, each college receiving $5000. 


GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ…In collaboration with  college, S.E.E.4VETS is proud to fund a first-ever program to encourage and reinforce Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM) education as path of success for veteran students. Grant was for $10,700 for year one of the three year program.


Coconino Community College, Flagstaff, AZ…received a $5000 Grant for its Expense Relief program, designed to assist student veterans with incidental education-related expenses. Grant is for academic year 2020/2021. To date, the college has assisted more than 100 student veterans, which has help them persist in their college studies. 


Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV…received a $3000 Grant for its Veteran Upward Bound (VUB) Scholarship program, summer term 2020. They continue to award scholarship to eligible veterans. To date, the college has done excellent work to keep veterans on their educational journey, and have assisted more than 40 veterans.


Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ…received a Grant for its Veteran Upward Bound program.  With the $7364 Grant, 17 student veterans received scholarships to continue their studies at Yavapai College, spring and summer semesters 2020. Since inception in 2017, the Yavapai and S.E.E.4VETS partnership has motivated veterans to successfully complete the VUB program and receive scholarships, totaling more than 60 veterans.